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Mollie Olsen


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Mollie Olsen - The Geese
Mollie Olsen - The caw of the crow
Mollie Olsen - Ceramic Serving Sets

The images are examples of this artist's work. Exact items may or may not be in stock at the gallery. Please contact us if you have questions about the availability of specific items.

As I reflect on my life, I cannot pinpoint where my love for art began, I simply have always loved art. It has filled my heart and led me on a life journey full of teaching, creating, learning, and exploring. Throughout my journey, I have done extensive exploration not only of new techniques, but I have combined many to create a unique style.

In my home studio, you can find me painting, carving woodblock prints, hand building and throwing pottery, and mixing them all together.

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The Madeline Island location is currently closed for the season.

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