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Mara Manning


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Mara Manning - Dusk to Dawn
Mara Manning - Shimmering Shores
Mara Manning - The Pink Villa

The images are examples of this artist's work. Exact items may or may not be in stock at the gallery. Please contact us if you have questions about the availability of specific items.

I come from a family of artists and writers and theatrical people who are always exploring their creative talents. My paintings are influenced by traditional landscapes including notions of foreground and background, movement, structure, and scale. I enjoy breaking the boundaries of the horizon and proportion by layering compositional elements in unexpected ways.

My work communicates careful consideration around form and color which is often mirrored from one painting to the next, highlighting dialogues between individual pieces. By painting on wood panels, I can push the thickness and texture of the paint further.

The handling of paint and the interaction between the medium and surface upon which it is applied is a primary consideration in my practice. My process is open to diversion, as I intuitively respond to inherent qualities of the medium, cold wax and oil and the surface I am working on.

Whether exploring the character I see in house shapes or the texture and weight I find by incorporating found objects my intent is the same. I am finding the edges of an experience without giving too much away. Each colorful textured painting invites the viewer to feel or see something meaningful.

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