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Lenore Lampi


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Lenore Lampi Ceramics
Lenore Lampi Mug
Lenore Lampi Ceramics

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The possibilities of form and movement lend a fluidity to Lenore Lampi’s sculptural ceramic artwork. Her work is appealing not only because the designs are eloquent, but also because the subject matter reflects poignant memories as well as notions of strength, endurance, and subtlety.

Lenore Lampi earned a BA in fine art and an MA in art education from the University of Minnesota. She participated in the International Wood Fire Conference in China in 2007. Lampi’s work has been featured in a number of exhibitions around the world, in the United States as well as in Finland, Sweden, China, and Argentina. She is listed on the Finish Embassy website as a notable Finish-America artist.

She describes her relationship with art with a beautiful, resonating quote: “All art is about a certain type of love”.

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