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Ginnie Cappaert


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Evening By The Lake - Ginnie Cappaert
Sunlit Moments - Ginnie Cappaert
Soul Journey - Ginnie Cappaert

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Ginnie Cappaert is a fulltime visual artist with a studio/gallery in Door County, Wisconsin. Her surroundings of nature and travels inspire and influence the oil, cold wax, mixed media paintings that she has become known for. She was raised in a rural area of Wisconsin where the forests and waters surrounded her. She feels compelled to interpret the landscape that surrounds her in an abstracted, intuitive and playful manner.

Cappaert’s intense study of art history and experimentation of the oil medium has broadened her personal techniques to art making. She uses cold wax medium to mix with oil paints creating a more spreadable and textured paint that she can extensively layer, add and remove or unearth to expose ‘history’ within the painting. It is this in-depth process that allows subtle marking and layers to emerge into the finished painting which is an abstracted minimalist version of a landscape. The process includes a lot of exploration from deep within and is a constant push-pull with color and texture. Some may call Ginnie a ‘colorist’ as she naturally explores and emphasizes the color relationships pulled from nature and her imagination. She is creating a sense of place that is open for interpretation by the viewer.

Ginnie owns her own gallery, Cappaert Contemporary Gallery and is represented by seven galleries across the country. She continually strives to find a balance in her work between abstraction and the landscape.

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