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Ginge Anderson


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The images are examples of this artist's work. Exact items may or may not be in stock at the gallery. Please contact us if you have questions about the availability of specific items.

As an art historian and architect with a special interest in historic and vernacular structures, Ginge Anderson brings this background to her ceramic work. Her medium is primarily high-fired functional stoneware. Each piece is created with a focus not only on use but also how it will occupy space. Always with a thought to the shadow it will cast or how it will perch, perhaps like a silhouette on the mantel. A piece is not considered a singular entity but rather a part of the whole. What kind of dialog will it have with other pieces? Alone? How will it look filled with berries, a singular branch or serve the presentation of a salad?

Her work tends toward simplicity, focusing on the integral nature of the material clay and the centrifugal force of the wheel. A singular pinch or odd line changing the whole dynamic. Meant to be used, touched and held. The texture and weight of the work are as important as the visual quality.

Her work has been exhibited at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, the Zeller Studio and the Lake Minnetonka Studio Tour. She lives with her family in Deephaven, MN and spends much of her summers on Madeline Island where nature, peace and a simple life continues to influence her work.

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